Hi there, my name’s Bryony, I live in Sheffield, UK, welcome to I Should Probably Change.

When I began this website back in 2014 the premise of my challenge was simple; make one change a month, every month. That set me off on a journey of learning, growing and changing. A journey of living more simply, intentionally, ethically, aware of the world and the people around me. You can read more about the challenge that started this whole thing off here.

I launched my podcast in 2020 as a way to keep exploring these themes and ideas.

The ‘I Should Probably Change’ podcast is for anyone who wants to wrestle with what it looks like to follow Jesus in the everyday moments, the mundane moments, the moments that actually make up our lives.

My hope is that as you listen along you will be encouraged to keep walking in Jesus’ footsteps and challenged to make some practical changes.

Please keep in touch with me on Instagram, I love to chat all things faith, sustainability, family and everything in between.