Project 333 begins

September marks the start of my Project 333, wearing 33 items for 3 months. I’ve spent the last week sorting through my wardrobe in order to make my choices. I quickly realised that I had a few different areas of life that I needed to cover…

  1. Mummy Days – these clothes need to be comfy and cope with being smeared with breadsticks.
  2. Work – I like to be fairly smart and wear different clothes to my mummy days, it helps me get ‘in the zone’!
  3. Speaking/on stage – this is a tricky category, these clothes need to hide the inevitable sweat-marks (lovely hey!) and most importantly enable me to attach a microphone battery pack to them without pulling my trousers/tights down (I learnt this the hard way once!)
  4. Smart clothes – because you know, one day I might get to go on a date with my husband, a real actual adult date!
  5. They need to cope with the UK weather!

I decided pretty quickly that I wouldn’t include jewellery in my 33, technically you are supposed to but I love jewellery and have no desire to minimise (yet!) and this challenge isn’t about suffering. There you have it, my first confession of rule breaking! Also not included (legitimately!) are workout clothes, sleepwear and underwear.

Here’s my choices…


Tops – 3x long-sleeved, 2x short sleeved, 3x smart, 2x vest, 3x jumpers, 2x cardigans, 1x hoodie
Bottoms – 1x blue jean, 1x khaki jean, 1x leggings, 1x smart jean
Dresses – 4
Coats – 1x lightweight, 1x warm/smart
Shoes – 2x heels, 1x boots, 1x everyday trainers
Accessories – 1x lightweight scarf, 1x wooly scarf, 1x hat

And so it begins. Some clever person worked out they could have 25,176 different outfits using just 33 items so I think there’s hope!